eBuyer’s site knocked out by their own (crappy) deals

eBuyer is under fire yet again after setting up a £1 ‘Clearance’ site on terrible webhosting.

Not only did it manage to take their new site down, it also affected eBuyer and their current sales.
The Register have a wonderful report which explains;

UK gadget retail site Ebuyer has been knocked offline as its £1 laptop deals caused an online stampede that flattened the site’s servers.

Ebuyer failed to shore up its web systems ahead of the customer rush and the site was offline for several hours even before the offers officially opened at 11am today.

Seems as most of their readers have comments about eBuyer too.

Don’t feel like you’ve missed out – it sounds like most people were told the item was out of stock… sound familiar?

Many thanks to ThePcTool for alerting us to this; and in his own words; “A lot of customers feel cheated and tricked into revealing their full names, dates of birth, address and bank details…”

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1 Comment to eBuyer’s site knocked out by their own (crappy) deals

  • Anon says:

    Take a look at their facebook wall. They are buring the scam. They emailed people after successfully winning £1 items to say that even though it was out of stock, that it would be “sorted” and that you would still get the item.

    Then they cancelled the orders without refunding payment!

    Take a look at this screenshot of the facebook wall where they tried to burry it – all the people posting ‘like’ were brand new facebook users: (waring, big image!): http://f.cl.ly/items/0D3l1v40260L3y2j1N0A/Ebuyer%20Facebook.png

    I’ll post my discussion with them on eNotes soon too, complete scam.

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