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eBuyer Account Locked

Naturally, eBuyer have locked my account after my latest problem, trying to return a HDD which failed after one month after purchase.

If you’re not aware of it, the HDD was found to be dead 6 weeks after I received it. Tried to return – apparently I have to pay to send it to Western Digital via Courier (cost; £35ish), since I’ve had it over a month. Despite the Sale of Goods Act says returns are the responsibility of the retailer for one year.

eBuyer have refused to co-operate after speaking with Trading Standards, so am pursuing legal action – all for the paltry sum of a maximum of £90.

It’s unusual to lock an account for having legal problems over their terms – but not in such a way that you can still login. After logging in, you can get to less of the site than when logged out.

The problem I have? eBuyer don’t always provide an invoice. It’s expected that you can print off invoices from their site after purchase – for a few months at least?

Nope. When your account is banned, you can’t go to My Orders, Security Details, Ledger, Profile, Quotes, Catalogue, or Returns.

The only thing you can do is to create an eNote.

However, if you do get a reply; you can’t see it, or reply to it.

The only way of knowing is you have had a response is by email, and only then can you create a new eNote to reply to it.

It could take some time before I get hold of my previous invoices. In hindsight I should’ve printed them when I received the goods. But isn’t it expected that companies should ship an invoice, or at least let you have access to print them; even if they want you as a customer no longer?

As an aside, I had to do the same thing to O2 recently, since you cannot get full invoices from their site.  I phone them up, argued that their invoices online were imcomplete and they happily obliged after some coercing.

eBuyer: Why don’t you clear things up, let me have access to my invoices and send me a new hard drive as a gesture of goodwill. It might do more for your image than you would expect.

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