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We’re still here!

Sorry for the long delay between posts, we’ve been inundated with emails over the Christmas period of problems you’ve had with eBuyer and simply haven’t had time to catch up with everyone.

Among lots of emails, almost all of the problems have been issues with faulty goods being sent and refused for returns. One user claims he had been sent and empty box and eBuyer had simply said this was impossible because they ‘check the weights’. Another user was apparently sent a CPU with bent pins, it was collected but by eBuyer but the return claim was refused because it ‘took more than 11 days’.

Another unhappy customer, Illy, had a similar problem to me many months ago. A faulty HDD was sent and eBuyer refused to refund the full cost or replace the drive; and demanding it was the responsibility of the manufacturer. You can follow her thread on ConsumerActionGroup.

Please do continue to send in your reports. We’ll help where we can. We also have a very unused Forum where we’d be really glad to hear your views – we think you’d prefer to see your comments online and support each other; rather than our sporadic blog posts.

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