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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 Uncategorized

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  • david lester says:

    ebuyer,,ordered a pure radio from them only to find a box full of cardboard,took ebuyer 4days to get back to me after me sending several enotes to them,,3 weeks going round in cicles & paid them £129,,they say weight was correct on del to me!!!help

  • Dean says:

    Ebuyer don’t want to replace Hard drives under warrenty anymore because the cost of them has risen. Therefore they quote a sales act and give you a partial refund.

    So if you try and RMA a hard drive that is still under warranty make sure you send it to the manufacture instead.

  • Stewart Scott says:

    Bought a Ricoh printer low cost about £165 delivered ,it was faulty from day one went through the returns procedure all ok i didnt have the original box even though i only had the item for 14 days someone half inched it..Yodel picked it up and ok it wasn’t packed as good as i received it but im refused a refund as “it was damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging”
    Really its a lightweight item they could of met me half way and i would have bought another but as all their returns staff are rewarded for not paying out on returns i had no chance…0/10

  • Spencer says:

    Premium Corsair PSU kills my system, they acknowledge it’s faulty, but only offer a PARTIAL refund, I’d have settled for a full refund or replacement because I can’t *prove* it was the PSU that killed my old system, and it wasn’t an expensive system anyway, but they can’t even offer me that! Long term customer says bye!

  • Mike says:

    Ordered a product, and after two weeks it hadn’t arrived, so chased eBuyer only to be told it was delivered a week earlier. I challenged this and asked for Proof of Delivery. It took two weeks to get the PoD, and when I got it, it had a random printed name, and an illegible signature, and GPS details away from our house. EBuyer refused to acknowledge that this wasn’t our name, or signature, and simply stated it had been delivered. When pushed they interviewed Yodel driver who said it was hand delivered, but unfortunately we were out at the alledge delivery date and time, and had evidence to prove this. EBuyer still refused to believe me, and even went so far as to accuse me of lying and stated that they believed it had been delivered. Took the matter to PayPal and ebuyer lies to PayPal with the PoD, and refused to acknowledge a copy of my signature was nothing like the one used to sign for the parcel. Ebuyer still refuse to apologise and refuse to re-interview Yodel. There customer service takes the view if we ignore they’ll go away, and simply don’t engage. It wasn’t until I offered irrefutable proof that we weren’t in that they eventually refunded, but still said that they believed that it had been delivered, and the refund was a guesture of goodwill. Never had such a bad online experience, and whilst they say they have blocked me from using their website, they are deluded in thinking that I would want to buy from them again. Absolutely shocking behaviour that they should be ashamed of.

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