More Returns Problems

We’ve had a report from Roger, who’s also had problems returning faulty products to eBuyer.

This time the product is a camera, and less than 6 months old. Just a reminder, warranty with retailers is always at least one year. So how are eBuyer getting away with this?

I would never use this company again. A few months back I bought a camera for my daughters’ birthday. She opened the box took a couple of snaps, and then put it away. A month or so later she took it out to use it again; on turning it on the LCD screen had failed. Since it’d had virtually no use, and been stored in its box I can only assume some underlying manufacturing defect.

eBuyer refused to take any responsibility despite the goods being less than 6 months old and refuse their responsibility under the Sale of Goods Act. They have pushed responsibility back on to me in contravention of the act. I don’t have time to mess about in the courts for such a small sum, especially as I work abroad a lot, this was my reason for using an internet site in the first place. Next time I will USE A REPUTABLE HIGH STREET NAME – it’s worth any difference in price.

Just to remind you, and eBuyer (I suspect Armando Sanchez himself reads this site, given some recent information);

“If goods are faulty and you wish to claim a full refund you should contact the trader¬†within a reasonable period of time, this time period is not set out by the law as it will vary depending on what has been purchased and the circumstances of the sale.” – Sale of Goods Act

Obviously eBuyer don’t believe their cameras should last 6 months.

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3 Comments to More Returns Problems

  • Julian Young says:

    Interesting site you have here. I’ve had a good read through. This post struck me as a bit odd though. Surely this camera, after 6 months, should be the responsibility of the manufacturer and should also be under warranty? Seems odd to expect the trader to deal with it in this case. Just my initial thoughts. I couldn’t see anything about a compulsary 12 month warranty from the trader in the Sale of Goods Act linked. I’d be very interested to know more if this is the case due to a recent purchase I made on EBay. Cheers.

  • Gary R. Kendrew says:

    I’m reading a book called Don’t Get Done – Get Dom, by Dominic Littlewood. This book highlights, your legal rights are covered by the Sale of Goods Act for up to 6 years. For the first six months, the seller should accept responsibility for any fault. However, past six months & for the next five & a half years, it’s up to you to prove that what’s gone wrong with your goods is a manufacturer’s fault & not a one off. Basically, you have to find evidence that your product has the same fault world wide or is a common fault locally i.e. Europe etc..
    So, check the internet for evidence of faults with your model of Camera & supply this evidence to the seller, along with your complaint & within reason, what you expect them to do, maybe swap it for one that’s already been refurbished.

  • Simon says:

    Well, I used to work for ebuyer, in tech support, the first people you speak to if you want to return a product. The only reason this would have been denied is if the magical screen fault was a dirty great smashed hole that suddenly appeared. Amazing how indignant some people would get.

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